ABOUT Muurla

The Muurla factory outlet opened its doors for the first time in the spring of 1974 to serve passers-by on the busy 110 road as a rest point. The main idea was to allow customers to follow Finnish glass making at a rest stop, which also served a traditional café-restaurant service. The moonla glass factory became an attractive and interesting rest stop and tourist destination.

Muurla, which operates in the premises of the former glass factory, has its roots in Finnish glass production, which guarantees decades of experience in production and design. Finnish design and clean line design are the basic starting points for product development. Inspiration for design arises from clean nature, different seasons, and a desire to meet the requirements of everyday use of products. Our products are created by a combination of Finnish design and decades of production know-how.

We want to create products that are in everyday use. High quality and product usability form the basic starting point of the design and production process.

Our carefully selected materials, such as Finnish wood, high-quality glass and durable enamel, produce timeless and eye-resistant products for every home and interior.

In addition to their own design, product families are created in cooperation with external designers and through licensing collaborations.