Formagenda’s lamps stand for emotion, shape and character, for a precise form language set in a new context. They resist the purely functional and the boringly fashionable without forgetting a most important vision: (the love for) design. Quite simply, Formagenda makes lamps that matter. „I want people to form a lively relationship with our products,” says Hopf about his vision for Formagenda.
The products are never brash or loud as the designers work with simple, geometrically reduced forms. But the lamps gain their potential as classics of tomorrow not just by their form language, but by the designer’s intuition for subtle, playful combinations and surprising contrasts that breathe life into the seemingly basic shapes.

COPPOLA suspension lamp
COPPOLA table lamp
DON CAMILLO table lamp

DON CAMILLO table lamp

Don Camillo φωτιστικό Επιτραπέζιο από τον Benjamin Hopf για την Formagenda

DON CAMILLO wall lamp
E.T. table lamp
NETWORK suspension lamp

NETWORK suspension lamp

Η λαμπερή γυάλινη σφαίρα Network της εταιρείας Formagenda κρέμεται από το ταβάνι από ένα δίχτυ. Δημιουργεί μια ασυνήθιστη εμφάνιση, όταν είναι τεντωμένο με βάρος της μπάλας.

PEARLS suspension lamp
PLANET EARTH suspension lamp

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